(BMW 7)

Minimum trip price:
Daily rate - 15.00 EUR (with VAT);
Night rate, Sunday - 20.00 EUR (with VAT).

Daily rate - 3.00 EUR (with VAT);
Night rate, Sunday - 5.00 EUR (with VAT).

Price per 1km:
Daily rate - 1.50 EUR (with VAT);
Night rate, Sunday - 1.80 EUR (with VAT).

Price per 1min:
Daily rate - 0.50 EUR (with VAT);
Night rate, Sunday - 0.75 EUR (with VAT).

Additional services

Car seat (baby, toddler,child) - 5.00 EUR (with VAT);

Personalised passenger pick-up at the airport - 15.00 EUR (with VAT);

Cancellation fee - 15.00 EUR (with VAT).

* Waiting minute will be charged according to the applicable rates. If the passenger waiting time or pickup is possible only at a paid parking lot, the parking costs shall be added to the total trip fare. If the ride route passes through the toll roads, the toll charges will be added to the total trip fare.

** A personal driver is entitled to unilaterally refuse provision of the service booked, if the passenger acts aggressively or inadequately, or is intoxicated, and in other cases not mentioned herein, which are likely to constitute threat to the driver or lead to material damages to the vehicle. 

*** If the vehicle suffers material damages due to the fault of a passenger, the passenger shall be obliged to compensate any damages caused.

„eDriver4u“ means comfort, safety, professionalism and attention to every passenger.